guerilla gardening is something which is not an action which belongs to anyone, but rather a collective response to the overabundance of concrete in urban centers. we was once taken on a walk by someone in bristol, mike, who walked us down the land and showed us trees that he had planted 20 years ago. He had no permission for this, and the urban planners in control of this walkway likely were not thinking of urban food sources. nevertheless, today there are dozens of large healthy fruiting trees along that walkway in downtown bristol. it is in this spirit that these oppositional urban gardening projects arose, and will continue to.

in fact, it was a transplanting, from a tiered concrete flower pot in the merchant city, to an open, though exposed, patch of grass. there was a safety in the fact that anyone who wished to assault this little fellow again, would have to content with multi-directional traffic. later we came to erect the barb-wire, and like a performance, squatted on this piece of grass, and answered the looks and questions of the stopped motorists, being ushered to other sections of the city and onto the motorway by mechanized and timed traffic control, with our action. we wonder how many people observed this before it was removed, and questioned how out of place it looked on the scorched and browning grass.