HOW'S THE WEATHER: personal development, artistic research and an experiment in finding alternatives to conventional travel. water is a resource, a commodity and a life source. contained here are some images and an essay concerning our views and use of this life giving element. the bark, stripped from fallen trees, is a resource which you may not know to see it. this will be an elaboration on some traditional uses of bark.  stone tools are not usually thought about any more, unless to recollect ancient ways that we have grown out of. there still exists a magic in sourcing your own tools from ancient traditions. GUERILLA GARDENING: greening misused public space. SHELTER: is more than a roof overhead, it can be a means of reconnecting to the natural environment, and redeveloping ones place within it. innovent documents a project picked up while hitch-hiking in france. an environmental impact report on how wind turbines effect birds and bats in central france, and ten paintings inspired by the report.