this environmental project is a combination of academic research, photojournalism and creative writing. the text of the paper written for this project sits above each of the images. the footnotes lie below.

If food is social and political, and is recently becoming a common language through which we talk about problems created in our environment, then water, the most basic and necessary of our needs, deserves attention; its purity, its source, its availability1. When thinking about our relationship with water, three different ways that we interact with and perceive it come to mind: one, the hydrological cycle which illustrates an awe inspiring and complex life-sustaining force moving through our environment, two, a resource system, which incessantly pumps water in through the body of a city, (invisibly, bringing it for our needs and taking away our wastes,) and three, water as a commodity, marketed and advertised on the shelves in similar style to a thousand other essential and non-essential items, frequently more expensive than coca-cola or fuel, ironically. Let us float through all three, and see if this reverie brings perspective.