this environmental project is a combination of academic research, photojournalism and creative writing. the text of the paper written for this project sits above each of the images. the footnotes lie below.

WATER AS A RESOURCE: PUMPING THROUGH THE VEINS OF A CITY. “RESOURCE: n. 1. Expedient or device. 2. Means available; stock or supply that can be drawn on; asset. 3. Country’s collective wealth. 4. Skill in devising expedients. 5. One’s inner strength, ingenuity, etc.6 A bare landscape of hedge-less, arable fields, hard surfaces and buildings is the opposite extreme. Water rushes straight off, causing flood in one season followed by draught in the next. It takes soil with it, not only depleting the fertility of the land, but silting up rivers and other waterways (Whitefield 2004: 92). The blood of a healthy animal flows continually through its veins, transporting essential oxygen and taking out carbon dioxide. Growth occurs and health is maintained through a very delicate balance of various parts, organs and elements [different eco-systems]. Imagine an essential organ in the body that swelled and began to use more resources than the body was able to support, therefore taking more blood, and releasing it back into the stream full of toxins. To a certain frequency these toxins shall be taken up by other organs, cleaned out, and pumped back through the system clean as clams. Eventually, though, the inter-dependant mechanisms through which the body is able to recycle its contaminants become overloaded and are no longer able to keep up with the amount of toxins produced. The blood becomes polluted and transports this pollution to all other parts of the body, altering how they function and interact. The body becomes sick. Imagine further, if you wish, the organ which has swelled now begins to take food and energy away from the other organs whose purpose it is to clean the blood. Imagine that water is the blood of the earth.