this environmental project is a combination of academic research, photojournalism and creative writing. the text of the paper written for this project sits above each of the images. the footnotes lie below.

Water had its initial introduction in this paper as an elemental powerhouse (pardon the pun), hydrating and communicating life through this planet, and deeper within its resonance and form lie stuff of the human spirit. Somewhere here sleep the dreams of human beings, of myths and stories of reflection, and of divination of water to see the future and some deep and meaningful connection between an element and the divine. From this place in the spirit water has been dammed (damned), piped and purified to each individual convenience. So comfortable that it is below notice, almost disappearing, evaporating. Its mythological status is suffocated by the unstoppable utility of our use. There is a third, more extreme disparagement from the initial construction of water as an element (as it is most definitely still a mental construct, however helpful in defining our relationship) and that is water not only taken and piped out as an essential resource, but now sold as product. Where once the dynamic source of water would serve to remind us of the dynamism of nature, the whole system upon which we are dependant, increasingly, especially with the dangerous commodification of our resources, we lose this mindfulness through a grip of control, and stifle the water coming into our cities. Furthermore, when water becomes a commodity there are additional changes in perspective which can pollute and contribute to the serious alterations in the cyclical pattern by which water provides life to the world.
9 “Water flows through our lives every day. But as long as our showers run and our toilets flush, we don't ask too many questions. Water becomes invisible, whether it's the expensive stuff in our bottles, or the polluted stuff under our bridges (Warner, 2002).”