this environmental project is a combination of academic research, photojournalism and creative writing. the text of the paper written for this project sits above each of the images. the footnotes lie below.

WATER AS COMMODITY: VEINS LINING OUR POCKETS. “COMMODITY: n. 1. Article of trade, esp. a raw material or product as opposed to a service [Latin: related to commode].”10 “Clean water is an increasingly scarce resource. A litre of water can already cost as much as a litre of petrol: a bottle of mineral water in a supermarket is as much per litre as the petrol in the pump outside. This is not quite a fair comparison because the one is sold packaged in small quantities while the other is sold in bulk. But it makes you wonder what will be the most precious commodity a generation from now.” (Whitefield, 2004: 91).